About Us

Our Promise is to help health-conscious people eat more chocolate.

Everything we do at Adorable Chocolat is geared toward helping health-conscious people enjoy more chocolate. This means we use simSébastien and Heatherple, natural ingredients in our chocolate as well as offer choices for all types of food preferences and restrictions. Our chocolate NEVER contains GMOs, hydrogenated oils, corn sirup and artificial ingredients.  
Our Chocolatier Emeritus, Frédéric Desclos is trained in French craft tradition and has worked in the gastronomic world for more than 30 years, during which he has worked aside the world’s greatest chefs. His unique artistic chocolate creations reveal his unparalleled talent! He knows his craft and our palate.
Each bite aims to make your travel. The destination is yours to choose.
 We work to offer you the best chocolate there is. Assured quality, with no compromise, no additives and no preservatives. A simple handful of ingredients will take you to an unsuspected world of flavourful possibilities.
Chocolate being an artistic medium ripe with endless possibilities, our chocolatier creators, intoxicated every day by chocolaty fragrances, passionately prepare a must-taste selection of delectable creations from the most traditional to the most outrageous. In your travels, your adventures, your palate becomes increasingly sophisticated, and we are skillfully attempting to satisfy them. Spicy, fruity, sweet, salty; what is your mood today?