Corporate Gifts

Whether it's for a big client, a remarkable employee or a powerful partner, Adorable Chocolat has something special for everybody. 

According to us, the best way to show recognition is with something sweet and delicious.

At Adorable Chocolat, we have been leaving smiles on faces for many years now. Our corporate program has allowed us to serve chocolates to companies from all over Atlantic Canada. Our products have been used as employee Christmas gifts, to celebrate arrival of special guests and to impress important clients or prospects.

Our artisan chocolate is delicious because of its simplicity in ingredients and for the mastery of the craft. Beyond making the best chocolate, we are committed to the health of our community. Our values are also reflected in our products which are all Clean Label products. 

Our simple 3-step process follows as such:

  1. Choose Product
  2. Choose Packaging
  3. Choose Message

 To start this process, please give us a call at (506) 351-0367 or email us at